photography BARTOSZ OCH

Vegan Hippo

Vegan Hippo2

It was a late autumn evening when we stumbled upon this cool little coffee shop / restaurant.
As we were wandering about Soho we decided to have a coffee – but not the usual Starbuck or Costa coffee we have had in the past a million of times.
Vegan Hippo is relatively new establishment in the centre of the very lively area of London and because I have never seen it before as well as because we have recently gone vegan, it seemed like a perfect place to go in and try something from their tasty food many as well as one of the many teas they have nicely displayed by the counter.

Vegan Hippo3

Vegan Hippo4

The bright orange building with a very cute logo welcoming it’s guests was very inviting – well lit, clean and not overly busy.
As we walked in we felt immediately cosy and warm. There is definitely a lot to look actin this small but well organised coffee shop. The display on and behind the counter looks amazing. The variety snack, teas, coffees, cakes and fruits makes it quite hard to choose from, but that’s a good thing! At least it’s clear that vegans don’t only eat carrots and humus – Yes, we can eat cakes too.
And if you think that soy milk is the only substitute of the typical milk you would normally have with your tea or coffee I think you will be surprised to know that this shop offers a wide variety of vegan non-diary milks.

Vegan Hippo5

Vegan Hippo6

If you have been curious about vegan foods and drinks or you are simply a vegan or even a non-vegan (you might not even be able to tell the difference between vegan or non-vegan food) then this is a great alternative for those used to fast-food and coffee shop chains.
Just step in for a meal or a drink and you will be likely to want to come back with your friends, but if you would rather spend the time on your own there is quite a few books you can read so you keep yourself entertained while you are sitting comfortably munching and drinking.
One thing I would be happy to see not only in the Vegan Hippo but in other coffee shops too, would be some board games on the display you could borrow and play with your friends at the table. How cool would that be?

Vegan Hippo7

Vegan Hippo8