So here we are once again, after a long, unceremonious and unannounced disappearance off the face of the worldwide web. We should certainly apologize to our fans and followers and we definitely owe you an explanation as well as the merger of travel and fashion as the heading suggests.


Back in 2011, when we started out, we were just two young guys, bored to death from our daily jobs and DEFUZE was more of an outlet to express our creativity and a means to connect to similar minded people. We loved fashion and decided to dive right in. Often those, most daring are the ones who have the least to lose. With not much of prior knowledge of the fashion / online media or publishing background, we truly had a humble and embarrassingly basic beginning. Over the last 7 years, we had a blast of fun with DEFUZE Mag. We met and worked with some incredibly talented people from the fashion industry, attended fashion weeks, got to work on some awesome projects and gained a fan base of people who loved what we did and wanted to be part of it. We are truly grateful for all these incredible experiences.


As the time passed, however, another mutual passion of ours took hold of us and that was travel. We have always loved seeing new places and having new experiences. We always believed that it’s the experiences that count, not the money in our bank accounts. We did travel as much as we could afford to but it was mostly limited to Europe. It all changed in mid of September 2017 when we got our British citizenships. Now we all have things that we never give a second thought to as to how important they can be, like air and clean water. Having a British passport is kind of same for most of the British people. For us, however, it was almost like having a world travel ticket in our hands. It meant the geographical freedom to travel wherever and whenever we wanted.


So, you can probably guess what we did next. Well, we just booked a one-way ticket to SE Asia and off we went. We had no idea, how long would we go for and what would be the itinerary. We just wanted to be spontaneous as it has always worked best for us. As for the magazine, we thought, it does not really matter where we are, we can always work as long as we got the internet. We also had the idea to merge the concept of travel and fashion as they are our biggest passions and it only made sense to add the new dimension of travel to the fashion side of DEFUZE.


While it was practically possible, we felt like we really needed a break from work, just switch off, immerse ourselves in the experiences we were having and probably do a bit of soul-searching. Our journey took us to UAE, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Laos so far. These last few months have been literally an incredible journey. We have learned so much, not just about other cultures and people but about ourselves as well. We got involved in Charity work, did some volunteering, started some eco-friendly initiatives ourselves and learned some new skills along the way. Our journey has not really come to an end as it evolved into a lifestyle but we feel like we have come to the point where we are ready to connect with our followers again and not only get back to the fashion world which we miss but also merge our passion for travel with it.


So, from now on, we are adding a new dimension to DEFUZE Mag which is travel. As a fashion lover, I always was keen to explore the fashion across the world. I strongly believe that it’s not just the designer attires that deserve our attention but as I have traveled across different cultures and had a chance to look at their fashion up close, I have realized how co connected they are. We have seen the outfits of local tribes, their headwear, their jewelry. We were itching to know more about them and share their knowledge with our fans.


So, you will see a lot from our travels along with the fashion posts on DEFUZE Mag from now on. They will include our own travel journals, interviews with other nomads and travelers as well as the fashion stories from around the world. We hope that you will like the new content on DEFUZE and it will inspire you even more. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions as always and we will like to welcome you to travel and fashion with DEFUZE Magazine.