We are happy to receive submissions, so please feel free to e-mail us with samples of your work. Furthermore we are also always on the lookout for new and regular contributors. Whether you are an established professional or emerging talented artist, we can’t wait to hear from you!

Please e-mail us your samples as JPEG files to:
If your submission is suitable for the magazine we will get back to you as soon as possible, but keep in mind it may take a few weeks before we do so.

Please specify whether you are submitting for print or as a webtorial. In some cases, if we like the editorial, but it’s been previously published or not fit enough for print, we will offer you online spread.


Published every three months (Sprint, Summer, Autumn & Winter) deFUZE Magazine Print is a collective of the best, exclusive editorials and interviews.

To submit please send us low resolution, single jpg files as email attachment. In the title of your message please write your name / name of the editorial.

If your submission was successfully selected we will get back to you asap. After that you will need to send us high resolution files (min. 300dpi) in JPEG or preferably TIFF format including separately all the necessary credits (make sure there is no mistakes as they may not be fixed once the magazine is out). Please do not place any text or frames on your images. The size of our magazine is 8.5′ wide x 11′ tall. In some cases (if your images are too wide or too tall) the photos may have to be cropped to fit the magazine dimensions.

We do not provide free copies of the magazine to our contributors, but if you wish to obtain a JPEG tear sheets of your editorial please contact us with your name, editorial name and your query.

Before submitting please make sure to learn about these guidelines and deFUZE Magazine aesthetics in general as we often neglect to reply to the contributors that neglect to follow these simple rules.


It’s an online fashion spread, complete with credits, a magazine like layout, and text graphic design.

We prefer unpublished shoots, but we will make an exception if we really like the shoot. If shoot hasn’t been published anywhere before we will publish it as exclusive online editorial.

Include title of your story, team credits and wardrobe list with your submission. Please be sure to clearly state all wardrobe credits by image filename so that we can easily distinguish which look goes with which images.

All files must be sent as separate JPEG file sized to 2000 pixels wide with a resolution of 96dpi. Our creative team will take care of all layout and design for the online editorial, so there is no need to format. Do not add any text, frames, watermarks to your images.


We are always looking for guest writers and bloggers who would like to contribute to the magazine and website. If you are interested in writing for us, please send us an email and include a writing sample or links to some of your work/blog. Some of the topics we cover include fashion, photography, models and interviews.

You are more than welcome to suggest things for us to cover, and if you are chosen as a contributor, you will have the opportunity to come up with your own topics as well.


Unfortunately we do not supply free copies of the magazine. This is simply because we run as print on demand basis. However we will happily provide JPEG tear sheets or information of where the magazine can be purchased.

Please refrain from posting approved images or stories online prior to the launch of the issue. We reserve the right to pull the story should you do so.

We are not liable for costs, if any, occurred at your shoot. Please only carry out a shoot if you can financially afford to.

Commissioning letters do not guarantee the publishing of your editorial. The editor will make the final decision. Decisions are based on the quality of submission and space available in the magazine. The issue that your editorial will be published in may also be subject to change.

Please stick to the deadline and have arranged model release forms where appropriate.

Should you be unhappy with any of the points brought up, please discuss them with us prior to submitting.

Please be patient. We receive a lot of submissions and try to review everything and get back to people in a timely manner. On occasion however, we do get overloaded and it may take up to a week or more. Before submitting to us, please keep this in mind especially if you intend to submit your work to more than one publication in addition to us. The last thing we would want is to miss out on a great spread because it was promised to someone else before we could get to it.

By allowing deFUZE to publish your work, you grant us permission to use your work in any of our publications, websites, marketing material, advertisements, videos, and any other mediums or formats used in the creation and dissemination of deFUZE content.