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Topp Dogg, a twelve-member boy group from South Korea is currently gaining a lot of attention from around the world. Not only are they know for their innovative stage concepts and powerful performances, but they are also admired for the creative abilities in fields such as choreography and producing songs. We had the opportunity to ask them some questions, as they are currently planning their European tour for this summer.




You are quite many members in the group, and from what we understand you all have different roles. Could you briefly introduce yourselves and your position?


We all dance and sing during our group performances, but yes, we have different main roles as well. The rappers of the group are Yano, Kidoh, Jenissi and A-tom. In all songs the rappers of course write their own lyrics, and sometimes preform as a sub-unit. The main singers are Gohn, Sangdo, P-goon (who is also the leader of the group), and Nakta. And then we have four members who’s main area is dance, but of course they are good singers as well. Those are Xero, Hansol, B-joo and Hojoon.


(Watch their song  “Peekaboo” here)




You have already been on a tour around the US and South America this year. What are your experiences from that?


It was really wonderful to get to meet our fans outside of Asia. Apart from it just being amazing to travel to places we have never been, we felt so much love from everyone at the concerts and it just made us realize again why we love preforming so much. We still remember the faces of the fans in the crowd and whenever we have a tough day we just think about them and get energized. Sometimes we wonder if fans realize just how important they are to us – they are the reason we are able to practice and work hard everyday.



(Topp Dogg – Arario music video)




What are you looking forward to the most about your Europe tour?


To meet the fans of course! You know, even though we have so many wonderful fans outside of Korea, it’s not often we get to see them in real life. I think it feels a bit the same for us, as it feels for them – we are so far apart but we feel close in a way. They only get to see us though the videos on YouTube, and it’s a bit the same for us. There are many “reaction videos” where fans record their reactions to our videos. It’s fun to watch them – they are so cute. But seeing each other face to face is something different and we are really looking forward to that.



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