Paria Farzaneh is a London based menswear designer. Her designs are inspired by her surroundings as well as her Iranian heritage, with contemporary silhouettes combined with bold colours. Fashion is her way to send a strong political message as a response to the media’s perspective of the Middle East.

We came across her collection and absolutely loved it. We talked to her about her inspiration and the message she wants to convey.

How did your journey into the fashion world start?

It started when I realised I wasn’t really gonna enjoy the next seven years studying psychiatry. I took a huge U turn after my a levels knowing that I wanted to be a designer since I was young I knew it had to be something I had to pursue. So I did an art foundation after my a levels and applied for fashion- it was the best thing I’ve ever done! 


Your reference to Iranian culture makes your collections unique and refreshing. What message are you trying to send across.

I know how ignorant a lot of people can be when it comes to the Middle East and with a country like Iran it’s always sensitive to talk about. I wanted to explore both themes and show everyone how beautiful Iran is- and no matter how the country is politically run it shouldn’t damage the true beauty and inspiration it has to offer. 

What made you choose menswear and will you like to expand in the future?

I love menswear because I wear it myself. I always found that men’s clothes suit men better when they come oversized and manly. I love the androgyny about it- and you never see a woman dress a man so I think it’s time to do something different. 


How does the design process work for you?

The design process for me is mad and kinda backward. I work differently to any other designer I think. I’ve always been told at uni to draw hundreds and hundreds of the same design but different every time. I could never do that. I always had an idea in my mind and I would do anything to make it- no matter how crazy and impossible it was I always would go straight to making and cut and stick things I thought could be better. 

What is your favourite piece is your current collection?

My favourite piece in my current collection has to be the oversized denim jacket. I had a whole team work on that with me and paint in the patterns and it felt like everyone really played their part for making something really special. 

Where will you like to see yourself in next few years?

I’m already in the process of making my second collection so it’s all happening so fast! Working on my brand will be something I will be developing on for the next couple of years.  

What has been the hardest part of the journey and what is the biggest lesson you learned so far.

The hardest part of my journey has always been having time on your side. Everything in the industry is so fast and you really lose time in wanting to perfect something when you have to present it the next day. The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is that the biggest risk is not taking one- mostly a life motto for me, I truly believe for the fashion industry. There’s no boundaries and there’s no limitations- being a designer means you can create anything you want without anyone saying no- it’s all about you and showing people your world.