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AstroFashion 101; Dress to Pop in the Unique Style of your Sign

Each person is made up of their own astrological signature. The makeup of heavens at birth affects body —size, style, tone, shape, skin color. Our chart also speaks to our color resonance, textile choices, jewelry preferences, tattoo tendencies, and more. In the following article, we will learn to dress to our chart. AstroBranding yourself is one way pop out as your best self! Let’s start with the fire signs.


Fire Signs; The fire signs—Aries, Leo, Sagittarius—tend to be muscular, sinewy, and lithe. Rams are fired up and strong in the head, Lions in the heart, Archers in the legs. In mood, firebodies are riled up, feisty, mobile, busy, & assertive. Fire signs like to move. They get hotter than other signs. Let’s look at the particulars.


Aries; Aries people are fired up in general. Literally hot under the collar, they are at home in reds, bold colors, hats, mohawks, spiked hair. They are strong and physical. Rams are great at starting fires. Aries is exciting and commanding. They dress to move, as fiesty expression can be a marked characteristic of Aries. They dress how they want.

Hair; High ponytails, updos, exciting hair, spikes, crewcuts, mowhawk. Hair that shows strength. Hats

Clothing; Sporty clothes. In your face, rage fashion, fighter gear.
Colors; Bright red.     Jewelry; Earrings.
Makeup; All kinds, from beautiful to extreme, depending on context.

Tattoos and Piercings; Tongue rings, noserings, multiple earrings on each ear. Extreme tattoos, many tattoos, facial tattoos, noticeable work. Tribal arm work, with red tints.


Leo; Lions hold heat in the heart muscle, pushed forward by their own beating heart. Leo has great pride and confidence. Leos love to dress it up. Whoever the Leo is, they will want to show the world. Also, Leos like to bling out the chest and high-heart area. Leo men look good in neck chains, for instance.

Hair; Wild, thick, Lion hair. Fiery, mane locks on both men and women. Hair recedes from the front sides. Sunflower hair. Reddish brown, gold. Leos love to look good—the hair is often done up, blowdried, beautiful, and luscious.
Clothing; Expressive, awesome clothes. At times bright, anything that looks great. Many Leos have fantastic style. Leo men may like to show a little hair on the chest.

Colors; Gold, orange, yellow. Leos look especially great in orange, a color that can be hard to wear.

Makeup; Beautiful, bold make up.
Jewelry; Leo loves bling around the neck. Gold chains on Leo men, rawr.
Tattoos; On the forearm, biceps, back, sides and flanks. For women, on the upper chest or upper back.


Sagittarius; Archers are their own genre. Fired up in the muscles and tendons of the legs, Sagittarians are quintissential thrashers—skateboarders, surfers, cross country runners, hikers, motorcycle riders. They are rogue and youthful. Sags were born under the golden autumn Sun. They prefer to run free, and dress as such. Sagittarians can be punk rockers, fun-havers…..they live for band T-shirts, ripped clothes, jeans, boots. Femme Sag girls look great in tomboy combos—lace dress, thrasher leggings, high tops.

Hair; Blondish rogue hair, looks lived in. Not totally combed yet appealing. Low slung braids, low pony tail(s), hats, punk hair. Cool hair…..bleached blonde, pink, light purple.
Clothing; Ripped up clothes, jeans, high tops, skater shoes, jean jackets, leather jackets, thrift store, rock T-shirts, rocker clothes, DIY, patches, clothes to bike in.

Colors; Golds, yellows, purples, black.
Makeup; Too busy and rogue for makeup, but will wear some now and again.
Jewelry; DIY jewelry, a necklace their friend gave them, bike tube belts, spiritual, philosophical jewelry. Plugs. Lip piercings, belly button piercings. Piercings anywhere.
Tattoos; On the upper parts of the legs. Also, anywhere…..thrasher culture.


Earth Signs; The earth signs—Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn—create earthy bodies. Tauruses are beautiful and earthy, Virgos compact and dense, Capricorns large-boned and sturdy. In general, earth people are rooted, stable, and grounding. Practicality and prudence is often reflected in their fashion choices.. Let’s look at the details.


Taurus; Those born under the Bull are thick and luscious. Taurus women are beautiful in the face, neck, arms, and hands. They are substantial, safe, calm, and bodacious. They are also gifted with make-up, hair, and self-adornment—classic styles, pins, buns, nails, perfumes. Taurus is sensitized in the auditory canals, smell receptors, color sensors in the eyes—they are especially adept with sound, flavor, smell, and color.

Hair; Taurus is marked by thick hair and earthy curls. Also, Taurus is notable for beautiful dreadlocks, beards, and mustaches.
Clothing; Classic, beautiful textiles. Appealing clothes of all kinds.
Colors; Earth tones, sepia tones—off whites, tans, skin colors. Also, light green and beige.

Makeup; Soft browns, earth tones for everyday wear. Beautiful, classic makeup for a night out.
Jewelry; Earrings. Taurus tends towards the thickest earlobes. They can handle alot of jewelry in the ears. Huge earrings or stretched out ears. Also, these ladies love to get their nails done.
Tattoos; Neck Tattoos, clavicles, shoulder, upper arm. Behind the ear. Flowers, earth, twigs. Moon tattoos. Pagan, grouding themes. Beautiful images—butterflies, lettering, designs.


Virgo; Virgos are gifted with the practical details. They can dress appopriately to the situation, whatever that means. Cleanliness and an attention to detail are a marked charcteristic. Sensible shoes. Belts. Sweaters. Whatever the Virgo wears, they prefer a nice, clean look. Conventional Virgos go for unassuming khaki pants and a plain shirt. Watery, fiery Virgos will express a more unique style, with a clean, perfect flair.

Hair; Virgo hair can be practical and prudent, but it doesn’t have to be. It is more likely to be straight than curly. Tends towards amber coloring. Regular haircuts to keep clean and well-groomed.
Clothing; Clothes that look good in the workplace. Well-groomed and coordinated. For medical Virgos, scrubs. For teacher Virgos, non-assuming. For artist Virgos, a dialed-in, clean, unique, styled aesthetic Colors; Virgo goes for practical khakis, charcoal blues, olive greens.

Makeup; A subtle, clean look. Not flashy, but well done.

Jewelry; Dainty, clean, perfect, tasteful, practical jewery. Amber earrings and necklaces.
Tattoos; Tattoos on the lower bicep and forearms. Also the stomach over the belly button. Cool, well done, tattoos. Good detail and craftsmanship.


Capricorn; Goats are inspired by authority. They look great in respectable attire—power suits, classic black, navy blue, etc. They have a no nonsense style, built for rising and maintaining credibility. They do not generally dress in a frivolous, childish manner. These are the wise adults of the zodiac—regal, royal, grounded.

Hair; Practical, brown, short. Non-offensive, not silly. Well done, cut often, styled. Clothing; Resepct-bearing clothes. Power suits, boots, ties, status watch.
Colors; Dark browns, navy blue, evergreen, black.
Makeup; Respectable, sturdy make-up. Deep earth tones.

Jewelry; Wood jewelry, watches, lockets, necklace of the family emblem. Jewelry can be worn to show status or respect. A class ring, medal, pin, nametag with 20+ years of service. If we do see jewelry on a Capricorn, it will most likely be tasteful and earthy. As in, not a lot of bling. For punk rock Capricorns, we may see wooden necklaces, jewelry given from an elder, etc.

Tattoos; In wild Capricorns, we see many tattoos—legs, calves, lower back, everywhere. Capricorn is sturdy, able to endure pain for the greater goal. Big pieces, back pieces, status symbols.


Air Signs; The air signs—Gemini, Libra, Aquarius—are inclined towards lanky, kinetic bodies. Gemini are noted for their long, thin necks, arms, and hands. Libras are balanced, holding weight in the mid- region. Aquarians often grow tall and lanky, with curly, wirey hair. Air signs can feel like an uplifting breathe of fresh air. Dressing in non-descript, harmonizing, freshening colors, they carry a cool cerebral quality. There is nothing offensive or in-your-face with air signs.


Gemini; Geminis are lit up in the veins of the face, neck, throat, and arms. They are known for their long, dextrous fingers, slim necks, and petite features. Full of fresh air, Geminis think, move, and talk alot. Their thin, scholarly, physique is fun to dress and adorn, although they are not inclined to vanity. Often, Geminis are so busy moving from one place to another that they don’t stop to look in the mirror. That being said, there is nothing quite like a hot teacher.

Hair; Geminis have great hair! True of all air signs, Gemini tend towards wavy-curly hair that lays long down the neck. They love to express ideas through hair. Combining great ideas with dexterity, Geminis can execute intricate braid and unique hairdos.
Clothing; Scholarly, writer clothes…..kinetic, androgynous, cerebral.

Colors; Sky blue, white, grey.
Makeup; Fresh, interesting makeup. Nothing too heavy, but beautiful. Light blues and whites.

Jewelry; Rings, necklaces, earrings…..anything that adds interest to daily, changing self-expression.

Tattoos; Tattoos on the arms and fingers. Words, script, thin curly lines. Tiny letters on the pinky, etc.


Libra; Libras are inclined to a balanced, harmonious face and body. Carrying air weight in the middle, the physique movees freely and lightly. Librans LOVE to be beautiful, pleasing to everyone around them. Also, Libras value one-on-one collaboration and partnership above all else. In this way, they can be found dressing for the partner, dialing it in for each love affair.

Hair; Beautiful hair—harmonious, pleasing, symmetrical. Hair styled to what the partner likes.

Clothing; Beautiful, appealing clothes. Harmonious, color coordinated, pastel.
Colors; Neutral greens, pastels, beige.
Makeup; Beautifying make-up, in the latest styles. What the partner likes.

Jewelry; Earrings, bracelets, anything to add beauty and harmony.
Tattoos; May shy away from tattoos. If they do have an interest in tattoos, Libras do well with tasteful, balanced, symmetrical tattoos. Tattoos on the mid back. Tattoos equal on each side (as opposed to one sleeve—assymetry).


Aquarius; Aquarians are known for a love of groups and culture. They can gravitate toward genre considerations. What does my culture, cluster, team, class, clique like? What do we do? What are our colors, signatures, symbols, etc? A sporty Aquarius can be found in a team jersey. Political Aquarians dress for the democrats, republicans, etc. And of course, genre-loving Aquarians wear the best in sci-fi gear, Broniwear, or whatever else identifies their group of choice.

Hair; Often curly, kinky, electrified hair. Aquarians like to stay interesting, so the hair is often unique.

Clothing; Genre-based or culturally apt attire. Dressing for the good of the group, or as a distinction from the group. If dressing for the self, something eclectic, not ascribing to any collective ideal.
Colors; Light blue, turqouise, green, white. Aquarians look beautiful in green and white.

Makeup; Culturally appropriate make-up. Group make-up, sports team face paint, etc.
Jewelry; Ethnic, anthropoligcal jewelry from cultures around the world. Team jewelry, class ring.

Tattoos; Tattoos on the ankle. Group-affiliation tattoos. Matching tattoo with a friend or sibling. Tattoos dispersed around the body. Flash tattoos. Tattoo culture pieces—anchors, mom-heart.


Water Signs; The water signs—Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces—create soft, round, fleshy, loving bodies. Water people tend to get attached—to things, animals, people, clothes. Water signs are also colorful. Attuned to emotions, they express great feeling through the wardrobe.


Cancer; Cancers can tend to carry weight in the waters of the chest. This can create an “apple body” shape, dressed well in plunging necklines, sleeveless looks, with a jacket open in the front. Not the most wild dressers, Cancers look beautiful is safe, loving clothes—lace, pearl, classic blacks and whites, cardigans, etc.

Hair; Long witchy hair. Curly and wavy. Wild. Emotional, thick hair. Safety braids (not cutting the hair because of an emotional attachment to it—braiding as a form of handling all the hair.) Water hair is full of feelings. It is often curly in a wild, emotional way. Cancers can get attached to their hair, growing it out to epic lengths. This is the type of hair that is long and a tad frizzy.

Clothing; Safe, non-offensive looks. Cancers look great in lace. Emotionally attached to their clothes, they can be found in old, worn-out pieces.
Colors; Cancer can stick with iconic colors such as black, off white, peach, and silver. Cancers go with safety first. To add color to the wardrobe, Cancers can add elegant textures—lace, stripes, ribbing, flowers, paisley.

Makeup; Not inclined to wear too much make-up. A nice peach lip tone, blush. A sweet, kind look. Jewelry; Protective talismans, jewelry given by a loved one, lockets with family photos. Bracelets with charms of family and children. Witchy wear.

Tattoos; Chest and breast tattoos. Children’s names. Family images and portraits.


Scorpio; Scorpio have an intense, shrewd essence. They tend to hold water weight along the hips. Looking good in deep reds and blacks, Scorpios remind us of the dark underworld. In extreme Scorpios, we see deep red or blue black dyed hair. Scorpio can also be sultry and sexy.

Hair; Intense, interesting, tough hair. Vato braids, flat black, deep reds. Sorcerer hair. Sexy hair. Power hair. Spikes, manic panic, goth hair. Scorpios may naturally sprout reddish hair, often enhancing it by dying it Manic Panic red. Scorpions like to make an effect. Black hair is also a mark of the Scorpion— moody, intense, powerful, and perhaps even scary.

Clothing; Deep, powerful attire. Gothic looks. Sexywear.
Colors; Moody blacks, deep reds.
Makeup; Dark lipstick, eye make-up. Goth makeup. Sexy, scary makeup.
Jewelry; Skulls, amulets, black onyx, power pieces. Crystals.
Tattoos; Black and grey work. Dark and scary tattoos. Gang symbols. Thigh pieces and tramp stamps.


Pisces; The Pisces vibe is very snuggly and warm, dressed well in flowing looks. Many Pisces people have dancer bodies—emotive and lithe. Pisces goes with the flow, and sees the whole rainbow. Expressionistic Pisces can look good in many colors and patterns put together. In extreme cases, we might see a Pisces wearing glitter, also bedazzled, with sequins. In general, Fishes are consummate artists, feeling and expressing the zeitgeist of any time—through fashion, music, art, jewelry, painting, etc.

Hair; Wild, unbridled, emotional hair. Curly, wavy. Aritst hair. Painter, dancer locks.
Clothing; Many pieces put together in a wabu-sabi fashion. Dressing for a higher purpose. Constant expression of current mood. Layered, flowing looks. Dancer clothes, artist attire.
Colors; All the colors. Glitter. Shimmering metallics. Gawdy colors. 50,000 colors at the same time. Costumes. What colors the Pisces person chooses is affected by mood, weather, context, and more.

Makeup; Beautiful, bright, out of this world make-up. Glitter, shimmer.

Jewelry; Much jewelry, all over the body. Body jewelry. Toe rings. Chains on the chest, head, feet, hands.

Tattoos; Divine, spiritual tattoos. Feet pieces. Colorful psychadelic works.


Author Bio: Andrea L. Gehrz is an astrological author based out of Portland, Oregon. As the owner/ operator of the Moira Press, Gehrz aims to create exceptional astrological textbooks—both ancient and modern. Andrea also delights in teaching at the Portland School of Astrology, bringing high level astrology to the masses, and jamming out charts at parties. When not doing astrology, Andrea can be found playing public pianos and frequenting the skate park with her triple Sagittarian daughter. Learn more about Andrea and her work @ MoiraPress.com


ASTRO FASHION by Andrea L. Gehrz - deFUZE Magazine